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Legal Ramifications Investigation

At this early stage of development the legal ramifications of a digital lodgement system are minimal. The introduction of Phase 1of the digital lodgement system, which will be processed within the SG office parallel to the conventional lodgement system, has very little, if any, impact on the legal side of things. Once development progresses to the point where the SG office is ready to accept digital data IN LIEU of the conventional paper lodgements the legal implications will begin to compound.

A task team has been established to investigate the legal ramifications of our proposed digital lodgement system. The results of their findings will provide the guidance as to the various legal bodies which will have to be approached in order to amend affected legislation. Acts such as the Land Survey Act, Deeds Registry Act, etc. will all come under the spotlight. Further action to be taken in this regard will be communicated as development progresses.

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