Chief Surveyor General

It is our mission to provide Quality Services that ensure the Integrity of Surveyed Real Rights and to supply, maintain and provide access to Spatially Related Information for the People of our Country.

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Projects | CIS Overview

Future of the CIS


Alphanumeric Projects

  • Historical Capture complete for
    • General Plans
    • Diagrams
  • Commence with historical capture of sectional plans
  • All data will be in Oracle

Image Projects

  • All diagrams, general plans and sectional title plan documents are in digital format
  • Scanning of mineral rights diagrams.
  • Scanning of consents and lodgement letters.

Spatial Projects

  • Project Cleansweep completed - good quality spatial data
  • The creation of the spatial dataset as "registered" in the Deeds Office
  • Accurate and current local authority and magisterial district boundaries
  • Start towards survey accuracy of spatial data
  • The integration of the informal cadastre into the spatial data.
  • The CIS place names database becomes the access to our data for the non-cadastral users.
  • The street address system for formal areas is becoming a major enhancement to the cadastre.
Development Projects

  • Digital Lodgement of numeric information by Land Surveyors
  • Software to do consistency check of digitally lodged numerics and generation of CAD pictures from these numerics
  • Software to overlay CAD over spatial data to assist examiners in the SG Offices in their task to expedite the processing of new surveys.
  • CIS parcel reservation with the creation attachments that can be sent to applicant by e-mail.
  • Complete Endorsement System
    • To maintain the CIS alphanumeric data
    • Generate tasklists to update the spatial data
    • Generate endorsements for images (redlining)
  • First phase of Boundary System in place
  • Integrated CIT Query System for spatial, alphanumeric and image data
  • Daily updating of WEB data
  • Fledgling deeds link
  • Electronic caveats/interdicts to Deeds Office
  • Tasklists for Post Approval Processes

Alphanumeric Projects

  • All cadastral documents are in digital format
  • Historical capture complete for alphanumeric data of sectional plans

Image Projects

  • Survey Records from 1989-1999 have been scanned.

Spatial Projects

  • Spatial Data : Continuous upgrade to coordinate accuracy
  • Spatial dataset reflects as surveyed and as registered
  • National street address system for formal areas is in place and is updated by local authorities
  • CIS now caters for the informal cadastre.
  • SG hosts data on its spatial data for certain government organisations

Development Projects

  • Data integrity is ensured by processes and security
  • A system for surveyed mineral rights has been developed and a spatial dataset is available
  • Complete digital lodgement in prescribed formats.
  • Complete system for boundaries of administrative areas
    • information on boundaries of Local Authorities , magisterial districts etc.
  • Data Replication
    • Security
    • Minimum of downtime (switch between servers possible)
  • CSG has its own website
  • Fully integrated query system on website
    • Credit Card Accounting System
  • Fully integrated Deeds link
  • Complete Electronic Document Management System in place
  • Only historical paper documents are archived; no more new paper documents are accepted.
  • Historical Monuments, etc
  • Beginning of electronic endorsements and deductions

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