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It is our mission to provide Quality Services that ensure the Integrity of Surveyed Real Rights and to supply, maintain and provide access to Spatially Related Information for the People of our Country.

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Projects | CIS Overview

History of the CIS



  • During 1989 a Siemens mainframe system was purchased.
  • A substantial amount of cadastral mapping was done using SICAD.
  • Sesam relational database was used.
  • Technology prevented an integrated CIS system and integration with other systems.



  • Project HOPE is launched.
  • Mainframe abandoned for client-server environment.
  • Purchase of ReGIS spatial software & Trimco Imaging software.
  • In-house development on Informix Database

Milestones of Project HOPE

  • The philosophy and structure of the CIS.
  • Database design & spatial feature definitions.
  • Creation of the rural spatial database.
  • Identification of ALL rural state-land and added to spatial data.
  • Scanning of documents - Projects Gauscan, Knatscan, FreeScan, etc.
  • Creation of spatial data of 7 million urban land parcels within 14 months - Project Miracle.
  • Establish a unique land parcel identifier, e.g. C002156800000235000008.


Projects CIS

Alphanumeric Projects

  • Design of the Oracle Database
  • Project Broom - Development and software and subsequent historical capture of all historical diagrams and General Plans in the SG offices.

Image Projects

  • Completion of the scanning of the Farm Diagrams.
  • Project Tiptoe - Migration of image data from Informix to Oracle.

Spatial Projects

  • Creation of a CIS place names and aliases database to provide access to the cadastral data.
  • The purchase of the informal rural settlements in digital format.
  • Project Cleansweep which has as its goal the cleanup of the spatial data. Software development and testing the use of Oracle has been done. The major cleanup will start with the completion of Broom.

Development Projects

  • Development of the CIS Launcher to provide access to the CIS and which manages the security system.
  • Table Maintenance - development of a tool to manage and control lookup tables and other CIS tables needed by the different systems / subsystems.
  • Registry & Movement - Development to replace non Y2K system which manages the flow of new documents in the SurveyorGeneral offices.
  • Trig Viewer - development of a viewer to enable SG offices to view the values of trigonometrical beacons.
  • Development of an Error logging system for the alphanumeric data to ensure its integrity.
  • Endorsement Tracking System - to log changes to documents until a complete Endorsement System is in place.
  • Current Document Capture software to capture alphanumeric data from new diagrams , general plans and survey records.
  • Development of Internet WEB site for spatial and Image data - http://www.csg.org.za
  • Development of basic queries for image data from Oracle and Altris Imaging software.
  • Project Spiderweb - Analysis , stabilising, upgrading of networks

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